BASIC cot-bed 140x70 PINIO

The Basic wooden crib is an immortal classic in white, which is suitable for both boys and girls. It is made of solid wood, painted with certified water-based paints.
The crate of the cot can be placed in 3 levels and thus adapt to a growing baby.
In the front part, 2 partitions can be removed so that the naughty double child can go into and out of the crib.
Accessories (can be purchased and are not included in the delivery of the cot):
- A practical accessory for the youngest children is a changing table, which can be easily attached to the cot
- drawer under the cot will serve as additional storage space and is ideal for duvets, sheets and pillows
- a barrier that you will use when the child grows up and the barriers are no longer needed

The cot is also available in size 120x60

Mattress height adjustment is possible in: 20.5 cm; 36 cm; 49 cm.


Our Tip: complete your cot with a quality Pinio Sensitive mattress - IN STOCK, which can be purchased separately. We also offer beautiful sets of duvets, pillows and mantinels.

By Pinio

Pinio makes unique furniture sets for children that interact with their imagination. A bed turns into a fortified castle, a toy chest becomes a pirate ship, and a wardrobe changes into a house for woodland sprites. Pinio Furniture is an exciting adventure for everyone, not only for the baby.

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