Black & White Tiny Love wooden trellis play blanket 10 % DISCOUNT

The Tiny Love Black & White Trapeze Play Blanket in a luxurious design with a wooden trapeze offers a variety of activities to engage and stimulate baby's senses from birth.
Extra soft padding and fine fabric ensure maximum comfort for the child on the blanket. The number of developmental activities keeps the child busy and at the same time stimulates his individual senses.
The music box in the shape of a lion plays three different melodies and the child can activate them by touching them.
A climbing plush panda, wooden rings with a rattle and ribbons, and a hanging merry-go-round will catch your child's attention.
A safe mirror and a textile book in the shape of a leperole encourage the child to play on the tummy.
The rattling desk responds to kicking with the legs.
Individual toys can also be used separately outside the blanket.
The package contains 12 illustrated cards with numbers 1-12, with which you can take a photo of your baby every month and document his growth and development during the first year of life.
The bar can be removed when the child is older and the blanket can continue to be used as a play mat.
Size: 90 x 90 x 46 cm
The play blanket can be washed.
3xLR44 / AG13 (1.5V) batteries are included.
Suitable for children from birth.

By Tiny Love

The basic idea of the Tiny Love brand is the belief that just as a child is born, so are parents. And just as a child grows and develops, so do his parents. Tiny Love high quality products are designed to help parents fulfill their key role in a child's life. The creators of Tiny Love products are parents themselves, enjoying their experience with their children, thanks to which they have a good understanding of the diverse and changing needs of families.

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