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MODU's 3-in-1 Baby Walker supports early walking skills and is packed with fun and engaging features. It transforms into a wheelbarrow or a handy step stool when your child is ready. Plus, the spacious box adds storage and carrying capabilities. With safe, steady wheels and a lightweight design, the Baby Walker is easy for little ones to push around. Let your child’s exploration begin!

22 pcs (3x Blocks, 14x Pegs, 4x Foam Wheels, 1x Box)

Toys to Build
At least 3 possibilities: Baby Walker, Wheelbarrow, Step Stool

0,5 – 3 years

Load Capacity
Max. 50 kg

L:48 x W:27 x H:44 cm

Wipe clean

100% recyclable EPP foam and ABS. Box in FSC-certified cardboard.

Made in Lyon, France and Odense, Denmark

By Modu

MODU was developed on the foundation of Danish Design traditions. Quality, functionality and innovation are part of our heritage and key ingredients in how we design products.

With play at heart, we combine form and function into toys that are honest, unobtrusive and meaningful. Our base is a simple and minimalistic system that is highly adaptable to its context; its users and surroundings. This means that MODU can be used for all types of open-ended play — whether your kids are into speed, constructing, role-playing, tumbling around, or just being creative geniuses. The modular aspect allows you to shape the play experience however you like.

It's our goal to make play a central part of living but we know that toys can clash with modern decor and small living spaces. We accommodate this with a minimalistic, yet multifunctional design, that allows personal variation in look and feel. A toy that can be invited into any home and any part of the home.

We call it Playful Danish Design.

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